Geo Detection

With a strong history of regulatory monitoring and compliance, in the spring of 2012, ABEST Engineering created its ABEST Geo Detection subsidiary. The reforms on damage control and network mapping (reference standard NF-S70-003).

Géo-détection - Introduction

We are specialized in geolocalization of networks, detection, geo-referencing and mapping.

  • ICComplementary investigations
  • OLLocalization operations
  • MPMarking-Staking
  • PATHeritage Mapping
  • RECAuditing (detection upon works completion)

We accompagny our customers from the initial topography and throughout the work process.

  • TTELand topography
  • TAEAerial topography
  • GEONetwork geo-referencement
  • IMPInstallation
  • RECAuditing (open trench)
  • SUVWorks follow-up
Abest - Topographie

Know-how and teams

Geographic intervention sector

Our teams intervene principally in the areas of France: Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Ain and Isère. We also intervene in the Eastern part of France (from Alsace to the Mediterrean). Since 2013, our expertise has taken us to markets as far as the French Pyrenées.


Our qualified and experienced team members geolocalize over 500 km of network and other works per year. This work is distributed between 60% of the cartography network management and 40% of the market studies and works.


Our polyvalent team has led us to all types of networks, sensitive and non-sensitive, conductors and non-conductors, underground and aerial, by diverse technologies, from urban areas to mountain summits.


We geo-reference all types of works, such as galeries, quarries, penstocks, dams, for all types of CAD and GIS cartographies combining orthophoto and photogrammetry according to the needs.


Our strength in organisation allows us to adapt our hours of intervention according to the needs of the site.

Method and security


We intervene in teams, to ensure more security.

Our technicians work in teams of two, to ensure a synergie in their tasks and as a part of a secured intervention:  work-site protection, manutention, detection, geo-referencing… Each team member has its particular specifity with a well-intentioned oversight.

Our certifications and habilitations guide this complex yet demanding profession while respecting all applicable reference standards.

Regulatory and reference standards

Regulatory references

Environmental codes:  articles L.554-1 to L.554-38

Reference standards

Prevention of electrical risks (NF-C18-510)
Detection techniques (NF-S70-003-section 2)
Works geo-referencing (NF-S70-003-section 3)
Market clauses examples for Works (NF-S70-003-section 4)
Specific mission elements (NF-S70-003-section 5)
Guide for application of the reglementation (general dispositions, technical guide for Works, Forms and other practical documents)

Obligations and application dates


Class A auditing for new work-sites.


Service provider certified detection and geo-referencing.

Competent personnel in ATIP (Access to Information and Privacy) intervening near the networks


Geo-referencing class A, sensible networks in rural zones.


Geo-referencing class A, sensible networks in rural zones.

Geo-referencing class A, non-sensible networks in urban zones.

Simplified street cartography system (PCRS, as known in French), sensible and non-sensible networks.


Geo-referencing class A for all underground works.



ISO 9001

Abest - ISO 9001


ISO 140001

Abest - ISO 14001


Service provider in detection and geo-referencing of networks

Abest - Veritas

Health, safety


Abest - Mase

Professional Networks

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